Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who am I?

Nothing much can I tell about myself
Accept the fact that I am who I am
Sometimes I wonder
Can I be perfect like a goddess?
But little do I know
Im perfect in so many ways

I have a family
We fight, we quarrel, we yelled
But by the end of the day
We console each other
A funny strict loving papa
A not so funny yet hardworking mum
Big sis, little sis
Both are beautiful
A little brother I always annoy

A man came in my life
Six years ago
We were friend but
back then we never spoke
I saw something in him
But I can only hide it in
I've choose others before him
all make me unease
Until the day he send me a hint
I grinned.
Sleeping with my head above the dream
Next day,
He is officially mine
until today he still is
We fought, we laugh, we cried, we enjoy each other company
How do you manage?
Thats the most asked question until today
I smile away
A little faith and a leap of hope make it possible anyway

I am perfect
because I have all my bubble monsters
They are with me when I am sad, happy, mad, and angry
They let me do all the funny crazy things
They are comfortable with who I really am
We share secrets, lies, truths and puzzle
We won't share it with you

What else can I complaint about?
I don't even know myself.
Well, typical human
Never satisfied with what they got
until they lost it in a sudden

Say a silent prayer
Thanking Him for what you got
before it is too late
and all you got will never coming back.

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