Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hole in 1!!!!

Pictures courtesy of: IntraDayFun

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Do you recognize them?....=)

Before this I thought they're only cartoon creations....but Im totally wrong....XD

Friday, January 20, 2012

Love cakes?....think again!!!

I love to eat cakes. Sometimes I think I'm obsessed with it. If you watch TLC channel on Astro, you can watch a lot of programs that airs about cake making. But after looking at these bizarre cakes, it makes me think twice to consume it....

Dare to eat this bizarre cakes? I don't!!!....hahahaha....

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Pictures courtesy of: Listverse

I don't even know what title I want to put.....

Relationship between one human being to another is normal. But, when human try it with something else I will definitely call it bizarre. Relationship with a mannequin, animal, things, corpse even!!!....Wow, that is definitely making me speechless. But anyway, here are some of the pictures of human who possessed this bizarre and weird habit.

Pope and his kidnapped son

Young girl and dog

Man and mannequin

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Pictures courtesy of: Listverse

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looks unreal but they're real indeed!!!

They look like drawing to me but actually its real man!!!.....these are some of the bizarre creatures that walk the earth...

Bet you never know these creatures exist right.

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Pictures courtesy of: Listverse

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They are handsome, aren't they?

If you have read my previous post about men becoming women, now I will present to you vice versa from that post. One look, you'll think they are regular man. But, there's a story behind them and you will definitely hold your breath when you read it. Now, I'll present to you some of the hunky gorgeous male who was once a FEMALE!!!

See what I meant? I will never know they are once feminine. All I can see now is buff man. 

Once again, I am not judging alright. I am just sharing story which I found worth to be share with others. We are just human. We have no right to judge others.

But anyway, they are more masculine than real man. Don't you think?...=D

Pictures courtesy of : ODDEE

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who are they really?

Transsexual models are very common among those in the fashion industry. Nothing new about it but I came across this and I just have to share. Some of them are prettier than actual woman and not to mention, if I were to look at their photo, I will never know that they were actually once MALE!!....

Andrej Pejic 

Claudia Charriez

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

See what I mean? I am just amazed by their look because they really embrace the femininity that we thought only real woman can have. 

Anyway, this post is not for judging purposes. Its just something I thought worth sharing. =)

Pictures courtesy of: ODDEE

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Swimming freak!!!.....XD

I love to swim. Somehow, it calms my mind and its one of the exercise where I can move all my body parts and  not to mention....IM NOT SWEATING!!....hehehe....

Here are some facts why I think swimming is good for you;

Swimming builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health, by teaching healthy fitness habits.

  • Swimming develops high quality aerobic endurance, the most important key to physical fitness. Swimming uses every precious minute of practice time developing fitness and teaching skills.

  • Swimming does a better job in proportional muscular development by using all the body's major muscle groups. No other sport does this as well.

  • Swimming enhances children's natural flexibility by exercising all of their major joints through a full range of motion.

  • Swimming helps develop superior coordination because it requires combinations of complex movements of all parts of the body, enhancing harmonious muscle function, grace, and fluidity of movement.

  • Swimming is the most injury-free of all children's sports.

  • Swimming is a sport that will bring kids fitness and enjoyment for life. Participants in Master's Swimming programs are still training and racing well into their 80's.

  • Competitive swimming is a family affair and community affair. Swimmers develop lasting friendships with their fellow competitors.
There you go, read and think. Don't just sit around and complaining about your weight. It does nothing good to you. =)

Facts taken from:

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Dragon year....
our year...=)

New year...
still the same...
he is still mine...
Im still happy with him by my side...

To all readers and visitors....

Set yourself a new resolution....
Erase all the bad memories 
and keep the best forever....