Monday, November 29, 2010

The finale of a rather awkward and twisted semester~

29th November 2010...Monday....the final day for my final examination....what a relief after I put a full stop at the last sentence on my essay....the outcome of a long waiting has come to this ending where tonight my classmate and I will be hanging out at a so called 'restaurant' at the college area...hahaha....

Looking back at all the lecture days, I concluded that this semester was rather a relax semester....yeah...we did stumble a bit to finished up our assignment at the end of the lecture week but other then that, we are doing just fine with our classes....

Happy holiday 2 all my Squad members.....God speed....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Its not right.....

Aaaarrrghhh!!!....this waiting is killing me....its not suppose to be like this....

Im talking about my exam....ppl r way ahead of us and we havent started ours yet....they give us holiday and expect me to study all....sorry la bai...not my style....this is not suppose to be like this....why in the world do u give us a long holiday before exam???......Im really not in the mood to exam anymore....already thinking about Xmas and next week will be going back to TM again....y???!!!!

Cuti???....what did I do???...I did open some imagine the some is only like 1 o 2 notes of a subject....that is the meaning of my SOME.....I hope this will not be a culture because u have to consider the ppl who r far2 away from their home town....other that than, dont u think its a waste of money to those who are leaving at the other side of the country....some may think its nothing...but to some its matter the most....plz ppl...consider others before u make any rush decision.....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who am I?

Nothing much can I tell about myself
Accept the fact that I am who I am
Sometimes I wonder
Can I be perfect like a goddess?
But little do I know
Im perfect in so many ways

I have a family
We fight, we quarrel, we yelled
But by the end of the day
We console each other
A funny strict loving papa
A not so funny yet hardworking mum
Big sis, little sis
Both are beautiful
A little brother I always annoy

A man came in my life
Six years ago
We were friend but
back then we never spoke
I saw something in him
But I can only hide it in
I've choose others before him
all make me unease
Until the day he send me a hint
I grinned.
Sleeping with my head above the dream
Next day,
He is officially mine
until today he still is
We fought, we laugh, we cried, we enjoy each other company
How do you manage?
Thats the most asked question until today
I smile away
A little faith and a leap of hope make it possible anyway

I am perfect
because I have all my bubble monsters
They are with me when I am sad, happy, mad, and angry
They let me do all the funny crazy things
They are comfortable with who I really am
We share secrets, lies, truths and puzzle
We won't share it with you

What else can I complaint about?
I don't even know myself.
Well, typical human
Never satisfied with what they got
until they lost it in a sudden

Say a silent prayer
Thanking Him for what you got
before it is too late
and all you got will never coming back.

Keindahan pagi hari~

Jam menunjukkan pukul 8 pagi,
Kesejukan menyebabkan jiwa aku meruntun,
Aku perlu ke tempat itu....
Aku selak pintu dan terus meluru...
nak kencing da...

Papa selak pintu ku lagi,
"Jom p breakfast".....
Bergegas aku bangun,
Aku cium bantal dan tilam ku,
Aku ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk seketika
Nanti aku datang lagi...

Pekan Sri Aman, apa yang istimewa?
Tiada apa-apa pun.
Tetapi, aku suka
Aku benci kesesakan dan hiruk pikuk manusia
di rumah kedua ku...
TM daaa.....
Hipokrasi, kepentingan diri, keuntungan, kekotoran
itu la kawan-kawan mereka.
Aku benci....

Hidangan pagi di tempat sendiri,
Sememangnya menusuk kalbu.
Laksa, Mee Kolo, Mee Dawai (bukan dawai besi),
Sumanya menjadi santapan wajib.
Aku ingin sumanya sebelum tiga minggu berakhir.

Hari ini hari Minggu,
Hari kesukaan ku.
Aku sedang menunggu sesuatu
yang menyebabkan jiwa ku berlagu
Keresahan aku, hanya Dia sahaja yang tahu.
Biarlah, dia sibuk agaknya.

Apa yang aku hendak buat selepas ini?
Aku pun tiada fikiran lagi.
Biarlah masa yang merancang untuk aku,
Seperti mana ia merancang hidup aku
sepanjang 22 tahun ini.

Ini bukan penghinaan tetapi hanya untuk blessed with what you have...

Setiap kali bile nk tamat sem, aku dan member2 aku akn sibuk touch up...bkn sbb km nk smbt menteri atau nk g uji bakat nyanyi2....ttp sbb km akn megadakan sesi fotografi bersama-sama dgn lecturer2 tercinta....sebenarnye sesi fotografi itu x tmsk pn dlm takwim uni ttp sbb km mmg spesis man
usie yg xleh tgk camera.....jd km pn pandai2 la buat se
si snapping sndri....

Dan...apabila sesi tersebut bermule....km2 yg sememangnye da ready sebermul
enye dr awal kls....akn terpekik-pekik dan terlolong-lolong memanggil lectuter....itu utk menimbulkan mood lecturer yg mcm x sanggup d'snap di dlm mane2 kol
eksi gambar2 km...
Dan...member2 aku....x pyh ckp la....mcm nk brebut makanan kt kantin sekolah...meluru ke dpn dan trus posing....ade yg x puas hati dgn manusie2 yg memandai dtg nye lmbt tp bdiri kt dpn....mmg nk kne hanjeng la tu...hehehe...xkisah la...aku mne2 pn bleh...asl ko x suruh aku bdiri kt blkg dan trus x nmpk lgsg....aku fine je....kunun la...nnti aku jgak yg plg kuat mhanjeng manusie2 yg dpn lmbt tp b
diri kt dpn skali....

Mase sesi fotografi ini la....kte bleh lihat samade org tu kreatif ke x.....kalo sume gmbr cthnye ade 200 keping gmbo muke sbiji mcm kne copy n paste sah2 la org tu x kreatif lgsg....hahaha...maapkan sy ye....bkn cuma mbuat penelitian rapi spanjang cuti yg membosankan ini...

Tapi...kalo aku yg amik gambo aku suke buat muke x senonoh...mcm chumel je aku tgk banding2 gmbo2 aku yg kunun senyum ayu penuh santun....aku suke gmbo candid....kdg2 kalo gmbo yg tlampau control...aku xleh nk luahkan ape2 melalui gmbo itu....simply saying...subjek2 yg dlm gmbo yg tlampau control x memberi aku kepuasan utk berkarya....
Di dlm post ini, aku selitkan bbrp keping gmbr yg mampu aku upload dgn kelajuan tenet bagai siput tut yg sdg kekenyangan....kalo ade perhatikan gmbo2 ni xde la ape2 yg istimewe ttp gmbo candid cmni bleh mengeluarkan sribu mcm crite banding ngn gmbo2 yg diambil smbl mgunakan kiraan 123....hehehehe....

Friday, November 5, 2010

contest: pertandingan header tercantik (",)

Thanx Eliana Banana coz tagged me for this contest...
Just trying my luck and doing more entry for this holiday....(^_^)

this competition is created by alienelliz

these are the rules of this contest:
1. make an entry about this contest
2. put a link for this competition in your entry
3. email your name, hp no, and ur blog address
4. make sure your header's picture in the same this is my header

Path of Heaven

I love this picture because the picture was taken at my boyfriend's shop. It reminds me of the beautifulness of my relationship with him and the water droplets on the petal makes me feel at ease thinking of how a simple thing can make me feel happy. Snapping pictures is definitely my hobby and I will never stop doing it. Hopefully, a couple years to come I can have my own DSLR....^_^

i tag another three persons:

p/s ~ today is the last day for this competition (06/11/2010)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Words is far more dangerous than sword....

Almost a week gone by but I'm haven't started with any of my revision yet accept doing some light reading in the computer room while waiting for the stuff that I've downloaded are done. Luckily I have my boy with me here since all of my friends are not available at this moment....hehehe.... So, I went to his shop accompanying him there and appreciate every moment we spend together since Im going back to Tanjung Malim again on the 22th of Nov....

Yesterday, I went there again and as usual we will bought our breakfast before we head on to his shop. After we arrived, we open up everything before we devoured our meal....doing some light conversation and then he mentioned about something that I think worth taking as a point and advice. Just so you know, he is a good advisor...hehehe...I always told him that but he would say "nayyyy....yeah right"....hehehe...thanx babe....thanx for all the advice again yea....

So he mentioned about some changes in one of our dear friend and why he changed all of a sudden...rupe2nye ade something behind it all.....from the title, I guess you would have guessed that this has something to do with our word...the words we uttered to its gonna affect them and how it would make you being an outcast among your friends....I wouldnt want that to happen to me...I cannot live without my friends...

Im not very good in giving advice but from my experiences in being someone's friends, you have to think before you may consider the thing you said is a joke but someone might take it seriously and be challenged by how you put it out....

If the person who is affected by your saying is going through a better changes, then it'll be fine. But what if he or she is going worse? Would you want to be responsible for that? I dont think you would want to. Now, I believe that word is far more dangerous than sword. Its not gonna kill someone instantly but it will definitely changing their life forever.

I have no more say about this cause Im still thinking about what am I gonna write in my next, until then....