Thursday, November 17, 2011

I once told myself
that I have to avoid
the possibility of being drag
by my past

But I can't help myself
from falling down
that path again
I tried and
I fail

Once in a while
I told myself
I have to be strong
I have to be firm
I have to stay alert
but I am fragile
my heart breaks into pieces
a million pieces
that is impossible
to be one again

I have wandered
the river of perfection
and it is tough
the competition is fierce
the competitors are heartless
I told myself
you can do it
but a side of me
you are worthless
you will never win the battle

23 years of wandering
now I know
nobody is perfect
a cliche saying
to avoid you
confronting yourself
about your ability
your strength and your vision

I told myself again
don't you dare
take others's view
and clip it in mind
because all the do is
trying to make you feel bad

I guess you lose
cause now
I am stronger than ever
maybe I have a fragile heart
but you have nothing but
self pity
because you take my weakness
at a tool
for you to be better
which you will never be.....

Friday, November 11, 2011

We are never alone in this world

Screen Shot 2010-11-17 At 4.31.04 Pm



Owlman3 Ft17 17


Screen Shot 2010-11-17 At 4.26.18 Pm





Courtesy of these pictures: 10 more terrifying and mysterious creatures. Visit this website for more info about the pictures....

Surgery gone freakishly WRONG!!!!

Im not judging, just wanna share~~,

They are born pretty/handsome, but they wanted more and more and more. Eventually, they never stop wanting.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me now....

No wonder my friends look at me with shock now....I never thought I am this thin in my school years....I definitely wants the body but the face....seriously....I look like crap....hahaha....but anyway, this picture is for those who never thought I was smaller than I am now....

Can you spot the difference?....hahaha....I think you definitely can.....

I don't know whether to cry or to be mad.....

This posting issue is not going to end. Please don't look at this videos politically but please look at it through the POV of a student who spend thousand of RM to finish his/her study in university. I not completely mad; I am more of disappointed because I thought I have a safe future when I apply for a place to study in this field. But now I know, nothing will hold your future safe. Everything keep on changing and worse, the changes happen at your time.

Well, what to do? I know there students who fought for our right but is that enough? Is that what we want? To be honest, I came to this university to learn, not to fight or to question about the higher authority credibility in doing their job.

That all, from me.....a final year student who have no idea what the future hold for.....

I can only hope for the better....=)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Like wise~~

Where I come from,
the grass is greener
but here,
everything is sandy and dull

I try to indulge
but nothing happen
I try to look at the stars
but I can only see concrete trees
what is happening to me?

Like wise,
I bare myself in this abomination.
I wonder what others think, too.
Maybe we have the same thought
but with different perception.

I want to fill the hole
with something new
but it's too fragile and
now I wander around my head
to get a clear path.

I want others
to see
to listen
to touch
to feel
all the emotions in me
but I guess it is too hard
I don't let go of thought
I am struggling to get out of the misery
so I can be one with myself once more.