Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I don't know whether to cry or to be mad.....

This posting issue is not going to end. Please don't look at this videos politically but please look at it through the POV of a student who spend thousand of RM to finish his/her study in university. I not completely mad; I am more of disappointed because I thought I have a safe future when I apply for a place to study in this field. But now I know, nothing will hold your future safe. Everything keep on changing and worse, the changes happen at your time.

Well, what to do? I know there students who fought for our right but is that enough? Is that what we want? To be honest, I came to this university to learn, not to fight or to question about the higher authority credibility in doing their job.

That all, from me.....a final year student who have no idea what the future hold for.....

I can only hope for the better....=)

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