Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Like wise~~

Where I come from,
the grass is greener
but here,
everything is sandy and dull

I try to indulge
but nothing happen
I try to look at the stars
but I can only see concrete trees
what is happening to me?

Like wise,
I bare myself in this abomination.
I wonder what others think, too.
Maybe we have the same thought
but with different perception.

I want to fill the hole
with something new
but it's too fragile and
now I wander around my head
to get a clear path.

I want others
to see
to listen
to touch
to feel
all the emotions in me
but I guess it is too hard
I don't let go of thought
I am struggling to get out of the misery
so I can be one with myself once more.

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