Thursday, November 17, 2011

I once told myself
that I have to avoid
the possibility of being drag
by my past

But I can't help myself
from falling down
that path again
I tried and
I fail

Once in a while
I told myself
I have to be strong
I have to be firm
I have to stay alert
but I am fragile
my heart breaks into pieces
a million pieces
that is impossible
to be one again

I have wandered
the river of perfection
and it is tough
the competition is fierce
the competitors are heartless
I told myself
you can do it
but a side of me
you are worthless
you will never win the battle

23 years of wandering
now I know
nobody is perfect
a cliche saying
to avoid you
confronting yourself
about your ability
your strength and your vision

I told myself again
don't you dare
take others's view
and clip it in mind
because all the do is
trying to make you feel bad

I guess you lose
cause now
I am stronger than ever
maybe I have a fragile heart
but you have nothing but
self pity
because you take my weakness
at a tool
for you to be better
which you will never be.....

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