Friday, November 5, 2010

contest: pertandingan header tercantik (",)

Thanx Eliana Banana coz tagged me for this contest...
Just trying my luck and doing more entry for this holiday....(^_^)

this competition is created by alienelliz

these are the rules of this contest:
1. make an entry about this contest
2. put a link for this competition in your entry
3. email your name, hp no, and ur blog address
4. make sure your header's picture in the same this is my header

Path of Heaven

I love this picture because the picture was taken at my boyfriend's shop. It reminds me of the beautifulness of my relationship with him and the water droplets on the petal makes me feel at ease thinking of how a simple thing can make me feel happy. Snapping pictures is definitely my hobby and I will never stop doing it. Hopefully, a couple years to come I can have my own DSLR....^_^

i tag another three persons:

p/s ~ today is the last day for this competition (06/11/2010)


  1. hehe thanks join..=)

  2. ya...hehehe..nda ngawa mang....myh g contest in the future...

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