Monday, October 25, 2010

To what extand do we have to endure this dilemma??~~

Where is your true voice?
Why is that when you speak,
the word you utter differ from your thought?
Why do they restrict us up to this point?
Is there something they want us to hide?
Is there agenda they want us to follow?

I often heard people said,
'I speak from my heart'
Do you?
Do your heart really speak for you?
Or you are just using the statement,
To show others you are on your own path.
A fake path you create just to make believe
That others will believe you are somebody in the world.

Where does my pride stands now?
Do I have one?
What does it mean anyway?
Are we really familiar with it?
Or we are using the word because others are using it too.
I pity myself for having no understanding of it.
Sometimes I tend to let it be uttered by my mouth.

I created this questions,
For those who think they have the answer.
Which they don't anyway.
They think they do but actually they are copying and pasting from others.
Because they think it is cool to uttered those educational thought.

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