Saturday, October 8, 2011


It has been 1 month or so I've stayed here in TM. Apparently, I am not suppose to have many classes this semester, because I am in semester 8 already. But, contrary to that situation, I have to go to either to campus, PC, or TMNB to have my classes this sem. Owhhhhhh......dauting doe~~!! When you are 'old', you are suppose to rest a the work in your house or maybe have some time out with friends. But it seems like those things are not going to happen to my friends and I. Menyampah mode @__@

Well, to update to all the bloggers out there about what I've been up to these days. Now that I am officially semester 8 student (cakap mcm belagak jew....) I have to keep up with my final year project paper. Its not easy nor it is hard to complete. Basically, if you have the data that you have collected from your practicum session you can just analyse the data and put it all together like a book. But, it seems like that data that I collected during my practicum period is like what-the-f***-is-this data???.....hahahaha.....well....if you are lazy and you didn't listen to what your lecturers talked about in class itu ler jdnye....

Some more, this semester we still having 2 classes for our minor ppr. (Menyampah lg!!!).... Well, they think we are some sort of genius kot sampai sem 8 pun bg ppr minor.....what to do....hantam la labu......COMPLAINING DOESN'T MAKE YOUR PROBLEM GO AWAY!!!!

Stop the whining!!!!.....go and do something useful......its not like you're gonna live forever......

GTG everybody!!!!

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