Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just because~~

Just because I love to sing,

doesn't mean I have a good voice.

Just because I love to dance,

doesn't mean I have the leg of a ballet dancer.

Just because I am not pretty,

doesn't mean I can't be confidence with who I am.

Just because they said I can't do it,

Doesn't mean I won't do it.

There's a lot of just because in my life,

and, sometimes I wonder if there's any answer for it.

I wonder a lot,

I never stop wondering,

I love to wonder,

I wonder like a five years old,

asking questions,

adults have no answer for.

As I grow older,

I don't think I grow wiser.

As I grow older,

I plant curiosity in my mind,

curiosity about the world and the occupants.

I wonder if your friends have AIDS?

Will you avoid them,

or will you pretend to be their friends,

so people will not judge you for your doing.

I wonder will you be friend with a murderer?

A cold hearted person,

who possessed no moral values in life.

I wonder if you ever wonder about the answers,

I don't.

Because I love to wonder.

I will keep on wondering,

about life, about love, hypocrisy, and about yourself.

I can't sleep.

When I can't sleep,

I wonder even more.

I wonder about the life I have,

the people around me,

and the views they have on me.

I will keep wondering.

Wondering about what else can I wonder about.

Wonder about who I will become in the future.

And, wonder,

will there be tomorrow for me,


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